Little Batman Saves the Day

Even though the original Batman TV series was well before my time (one of the few shows, it seems, so I’m particularly proud of that fact), I have always had a soft spot for the cheesy original TV series. Sure, it wasn’t as badass as the animated version (again, the original), but it was hilarious.I’m happy to see, then, that someone went out of their way to make a parody of the original series not using a grown up actor but with a young kid who probably isn’t older than 4 or 5.

The series is split up unto three parts (of which you can see the 1st one below). I’ve also attached some of the funnier animated gifts over at Comics Alliance. All of the original campy goodness is here from the original live action show, and I have to admit the kid does a damn good job. There’s even a little Robin sidekick, although I was never a big fan of Robin. That is, of course, except in the animated Teen Titans. Yes, I liked that show, wanna fight about it?

If you’re into the lighter Batman fare (modern versions are much darker and more dismal, a far cry different from the live action series), might I suggest a Superhero Nite Lite for the little batman in you. Ok, maybe Batman isn’t afraid of the dark, but you could always get one for little Robin. I know for a fact that the guy is terrified. If you tend to learn more towards the preference of a sweet tooth, maybe you would like a delicious superhero treat, like these superhero cupcakes sporting Batman’s emblem (other logos from a variety of other heroes are provided for good measure, you can’t have too many). They may not be dark and brooding, but they sure do taste good! To the Bat Oven!

Via: Urlesque