iPad Light Painting Shows Off

Suppose I told you that a developer had come up with a way to take 2D shapes that play one after another, ultimately resulting in extruding the shapes into 3D images. If you have a hard time picturing that in your mind, well I have good news for you: There’s a video! Come take a look for yourself below. The video doesn’t run too long, either, just a few minutes of 3D action packed fun.

I have to admit it is very cool how they take the images and convert them into 3D light shows. The robot animation is my personal favorite, just look at that little guy go! 3D dancing robot for the win, I say. Although the morphing shapes are almost as cool (but not quite), and the text effects are also fun to look at.  Even after watching the video, I’m not sure if I fully understand it, but the effects are badass enough that I don’t particularly care. Kudos to whoever came up with that idea!

Of course stuff like this helps go against my own thinking that the iPad is similar to a really expensive paperweight. If nothing else, it seems to make quite the creative outlet. I mean just look at all the musical uses we’ve seen here on Walyou alone. From a fully functional iPad Orchestra (I’d love to play a part!) to the iPad Guitar, people seem to be able to find all sorts of ways to have fun with their iPad gadgetry. Now, I say this with absolutely no musical talent whatsoever, but even I might have a shot at picking up one of those apps/mods and having a go at it. It sure looks a hell of a lot simpler than playing in a real orchestra, anyway.

Dentsu London Via: Dude Craft