Foosball Hero Brings Real World Foosball to Your iPad

If you’re an apps junkie (that is, iPad/iPhone apps) then you’ve probably seen some of the different apps available on different equipments that you may own, such as the Slide Reader or the iWeight Digital Scale; but there are also a lot of standardly available game apps as well. One example which has been newly released is No-Sheet Design’s Foosball Hero.


This new app is described as bringing the adrenaline rush of the real world foosball game to your iPad. It even has the same kind of game play feel with the squeaky, noisy sound effects, so that you feel like you’re playing at an actual table. The only thing is, you aren’t playing at a real table. You’re playing on an iPad, using your fingers to move the players. So that’s the first thing: it tries to be authentic, but it fails.


On the other hand, if you ignore its attempt to recreate the experience, it is definitely a really good remake of an arcade game that many of us grew up with. The interface looks really stylish, and it’s very easy to play according to your own style. You have the option of playing up against a computer, so it isn’t quite the same as the tabletop, but again, who really expects it to be?


Another thing is that, when you play, you have the option of changing uniforms and the player layout. With full teams of eleven players, and four layouts to choose from, you can really make the game a customized experience.


The graphics don’t look so bad either. It’s very simple to play, and from the looks of it, requires really only fingers on one hand. It comes with 3D physics, varying degrees of difficulty, either automatic or manual spin control, and full on immersive visuals and sounds to make the game a real experience.



The game is available for purchase at the iPad apps store, and is priced according to region. You can check out the gameplay teaser below.