MM04 Bluetooth Stereo Handset Works As Speaker For Your Phone!

Native Union has made an addition to the ever rising Bluetooth devices, in the form of the Moshi Moshi 04 Bluetooth stereo handset.

MM04 Bluetooth Stereo Handset

The Moshi Moshi 04 Bluetooth stereo handset, or simply the MM04 is designed by Michael Young. Sound specialist NXT has acoustically engineered it as well. It is equipped with personal telephone handset with noise reduction technology, and professional conference call unit, along with a high performance Bluetooth stereo speaker system.

The Moshi Moshi 04 Bluetooth stereo handset uses a Bluetooth 2.1 chip through which getting connected with wireless mobile phones and computers becomes easy; however, the connection can only be made up to a distance of 30 feet. It allows users to carry out both mobile phone and internet calls through the speakers in the conference call mode or through the handset for private calls. The Bluetooth 2.1 chip allows the MM04 to be paired with two different mobile phones at the same time, and also provides auto pick-up and hang-up facilities.

MM04 Stereo Handset

The MM04 is available in black and silver or taupe and copper. It has a weighted charging base, a mobile handset and speaker unit, and protective phone mat. The MM04 also has a unique sanded aluminum facia, and a layer of soft and luxurious ‘rubberized’ paint.

Apart from the attractive design, the MM04 also protects you from the harm that might be caused due to the use of cellphones like causing cancer, by significantly reducing the radiation emitted by them. Various medical researches have shown that the use of direct-to-ear mobile phone can cause serious health risks, and this is the reason why Native Union has taken special note on this issue by utilizing the speakers and headsets. In this way, reducing the level of radiation produced from the phone has been made possible to avoid such risks to a great extent.

Moshi Moshi MM04 Bluetooth Stereo Handset

The world’s leading certification company, TUV, carried its own tests, and found that the Moshi Moshi 04 Bluetooth stereo handset reduces the levels of radiation by 96 percent. The MM04 has a playback time of 2 hours, and music control using A2DP profile. It has high quality speakers, of 2 x 2W. You can purchase the MM04 for £150 only from the Native Union website. So, go ahead and get your own MM04!

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