21 Great Puzzle Games and Designs to Get You Thinking

Puzzles are the most useful tools to test the ingenuity of one’s mind. They intend not only to improve your logic but also help in improving your ability to find solutions. We love puzzles and so here are some really great puzzle designs which will keep you engaged and help you recharge your brain!

The list consists of 21 puzzle designs including some great Rubik’s cube designs, puzzles which are real fun, and puzzles which are really frustrating and totally difficult to solve.

Zig Zag Knot Puzzle

The Zig Zag Knot Puzzle is a very unique puzzle design, and it can be solved using only one method which involves a series of 37 steps. The name says it all; the entire process of solving this puzzle is based on the principal of untangling a knot. You can get yourself one of these for $9.99.

Puzzle Mint Calendar Design

This is a really great and innovative way to improve your memory. This calendar concept comes from Mintpass and it is called the Mint Calendar which consists of 41 puzzles and it also saves you money for getting a new calendar every year.  It is a design for a calendar and a puzzle but it is not yet available for purchase.

Cubed Electronic Puzzle Game

This is a the electronic puzzle game where you have to interact with the cubes to get the solution. It features up to 600 different puzzles and they vary from misspelled words to disarranged shapes and much more. It is available for purchase and you can get one for yourself for $39.99.

Sacred Myth Legendry Puzzles

This is not just one but seven different puzzles, all of which are based on some great moments in science and history. Every puzzle is unique and solving one will give you clues for solving the next one.

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Isis Puzzle Game

This is the Isis Puzzle which is titled as the hardest puzzles in the entire world. It is based on ancient hieroglyphics and symbols. It is a really tough puzzle, and every Isis comes only with one solution. It is also available for sale.

Reverse Geocache Puzzle

This is the Reverse Geocache Puzzle Box which is based on GPS technology. It is a locked box, and you need to deliver it to its secret location as it won’t unlock until you take it to its pre-programmed destination.

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Jigsaw Shaped MP3 Player

Not really something which tests the power of your brain, but for those people who love jigsaw puzzles, this sleek MP3 player is a really great accessory for chilling out to some music after a frustrating puzzle solving.

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Hamburger Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a 53 piece Hamburger shaped Jigsaw Puzzle. You have to use the available pieces to make what looks like a hamburger, sadly you cannot eat it!

Rubik’s Cube Puzzle Designs

There is no doubt that Rubik’s Cube rules the puzzle industry. It is entertaining, straightforward, very simple to understand but really tricky to solve. Anyways, here are some really great Rubik’s Cube Designs, head over and check out the amazing list.

The Intimidator Puzzle

This huge thing is the Intimidator Puzzle designed by GarE Maxton. It is really a creative work, and once finished, it looks like some cool piece of modern decorative art for your home. Not just that, but using 20 specific parts of the puzzle, you can also make a single shot pistol.

The Pyramid Cube

It is based on a similar concept to that of the Rubik’s cube, but this one is shaped like a pyramid or a tetrahedron. It has four sides of red, green, blue, and yellow, and you can also use the puzzle to make some really interesting shapes.

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Wine Bottle Puzzles

Dinner and Wine go totally awesome together, but if someone ever happens to have these wine bottle puzzles, your dinner time is going to take a very unusual turn. Although they look really interesting, you may end up getting totally frustrated if it takes a real long time to solve them. If you are still interested in the Wine Bottle Puzzle, you can get one for yourself for $24.95.

Toilet Paper Puzzle

This is perfect for those who like playing pranks on their friends. When your friends ever come over at your place, you can put them in misery by replacing your regular toilet paper with this Toilet Paper Puzzle. If you want to use this puzzle to freak out your friends, you will have to shell out $16.98.

Pyramid Puzzle

This is Brando’s Pyramid Puzzle priced at $15, and it looks like some futuristic device, which can unlock some really awesome things. Brando claims that playing with this puzzle will help you in improving your IQ, and also your emotional intelligence. Although the puzzle needs just a few moves to solve, the difficult part is figuring them out.

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Nano-Tech Water Drop Puzzle

This puzzle features a special Nano Technology Panel Design, and all you have to do is add some water to get started with the Nano-Tech Water Drop Puzzle. It has different difficulty levels, and it helps you improve your Eye-Brain-Hand co-ordination.

The Revomaze

This is Revomaze, which is available in three colors, and is a really extreme mechanical puzzle. It has three levels of difficulties, and it gets really frustrating over time.

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Sudoku Puzzle Watch

Another extremely popular way to engage yourself in puzzle solving is getting lost for some time in Sudoku. It has now made its way to the Sudoku Puzzle Wristwatch which is priced at $995. Sadly this watch has only one puzzle to solve; and I recommend, you just stick to newspapers.