Ethanol Molecule Flask And A Bottle Of Rum, Good Enough To Get Drunk!

What powers our perfumes, our medicines, our vehicles, and our parties? You know it. It’s the organic reaction of sugar fermenting into ethanol! The Ethanol Molecule Flask is a tribute to this legendary discovery by man, and his reasoning that sugar ferments to form ethanol.

Ethanol Molecule Flask Drink

This unique Ethanol Molecule Flask is made up of ethanol molecules on its surface, to keep your favorite alcohol fresh for a quick drink. To understand how smart this Ethanol Molecule Flask is, we need to go through a lesson on ethanol and some chapters on chemistry. Ethanol, also known as pure alcohol, ethyl alcohol, drinking alcohol, or grain alcohol is a volatile, colorless, and flammable liquid.

It is known for being found in alcoholic beverages and also goes by the name ‘spirits’! Ethanol is made from very common crops like potato, maize, sugar cane, and manioc. It has been consumed and produced by humans through the millennium, in the form of distilled and fermented alcohol.

Ethanol is produced by using glucose extracted from sugar, in turn attained from the hydrolysis of starch. This is done in the presence of yeast with a temperature of less than 37 degrees Celsius. Another process of producing ethanol is through direct dehydration from ethanol or any other alkenes through cracking of fractions of distilled crude oil. Fermentation, again, is a process through which energy is derived through the oxidation of organic compounds.

Sugar is the most common product used for the process of fermentation. Ethanol fermentation is also called alcoholic fermentation, through which fructose, glucose, and sucrose are transformed into cellular energy, which goes on to produce carbon dioxide and ethanol.

Ethanol Molecule Flask

So, what we get from this little chemistry lesson is that the base of alcohol, which is ethanol, is the basis of the Ethanol Molecule Flask itself!

The Ethanol Molecule Flask is a stainless steel flask which can hold up to 6 oz of your favorite liquor. You can purchase these Ethanol Molecule Flasks from the ThinkGeek website at just $12.99. You can also use any other mode of payment and shopping sites for your purchase. And do not forget that alcohol is good as long as you drink with responsibility! The Ethanol Molecule Flask surely does not encourage you to drink at odd places and times, like while driving or while in office! So, act safe and get your Ethanol Molecule Flask.

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