iPad Defender Series Case Stops iPad Breakage

The biggest issues I see with expensive electronics like the iPad are one of two scenarios: They get dropped, or someone accidentally spills water on the sensitive mechanical bits inside. While the iPad Defender Series can’t completely protect you from the latter, it goes out of its way to help you with the former. This way, you can accidentally drop your iPad on the pavement all you want, as it should (in theory) be fine.

It better be fine, too, considering that a case like this one (award-winning, according to the fancy emblem on the site) costs a good chunk of the product it protects ($89.95). It offers three layers of “hardcore protection.” I know, that doesn’t sound right to me, either, but it also comes with a built-in stand so that you can easily prop it up to watch the final episode of Lost. You should even be able to throw it up against the wall after being completely disappointed with the ending. That’s what hardcore protection is for, right? While it can’t be completely protective of water, it does help fight off dusts, shock, and drop intrusions.  It would need to be a serious case that can prevent your iPad from water. I mean who wants to be liable on the off chance that it doesn’t?  Not me, you can protect your iPad from your beer yourself.

Now that your iPad is safe and secure, it is time to start thinking about other accessories, too. You know what I mean, something like using your iPad to monitor your keg temperature, or using your iPad as a slide reader. I have heard that  keeping tabs on the temperature of your keg is crucial, not that I’ve ever partaken in any such activities myself (ahem). Besides, both of these are equally noble endeavors, if you ask me.