The Business Card Scanner

In today’s world, every person who is (or aspires to be) a big business man/woman in life has only one priority and that is, networking. Here is a product that will make everyone’s lives easier when they keep meeting new people and store all their data in one place.

This product, Pitrec, is in the shape of an iPhone and scans all your business cards for you. With its easy and simple to access system, you can scan all the business cards you have and not have to think about carrying your business card case with you wherever you go, and have access to it anywhere, anytime. Be it on your way to a meeting, in your office, or when you’re at home.

How does this work?

All you have to do is swipe your business card in a slot that is on the left-hand side of the scanner. It’s very simple and just the same as swiping your credit card after a shopping transaction. There is a camera with an OCR scanner, which reads the contents of the card and saves it in its memory. It reads all the items on the business card, such as the name, title, company, address, and the date when it was scanned.

One additional feature of this product that makes this gadget even better is that you can add keywords or tags to the business card after scanning and saving it. This makes it very easy for those people who do not have much of a good memory, or have way too many things on their minds than what they can actually handle. It’s the size of a phone so it can be carried around easily in your briefcase or suit pocket.

Owning this gadget also makes the person look very stylish, technologically forward, and definitely makes a first impression on someone even better! So, don’t think twice about owning this gadget if you are someone who moves around a lot and meets a variety of new people. Pitrec’s business card scanner comes for a price of $407, but a great investment for businesspeople, and those involved in networking.

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