The Core Bipedal Robot

The Core Bipedal Robot is the latest creation from fuRo lab in the Institute of Technology Chiba in Japan. This mobility robot, which is nearly 2 meters in height and weighs about 230 kilograms, has the capacity of carrying nearly 100 kilograms of weight on bent legs.

Core Bipedal Robot

The main reason for creating this wonder robot is to provide increased mobility to handicapped people. The bipedal locomotive system installed in this robot has the ability of handling nearly 100 kilos while squatting and moving. The creators of this core bipedal robot feel that this is the next step beyond wheelchairs for the handicapped, making them move as independently as possible. The leg units of the core are fitted with twelve individual joints, six on each leg, which actually help in positioning the leg and moving it. It is believed that the lab will complete work on this robot and have it ready and functional by 2012.

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