15 Funny Tape Dispensers

A tape is without doubt one of the most useful stationery around the world.  However, when it comes to using it, we all have our own set of problems. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the tape’s end, which has camouflaged and merged itself with the transparent surface of the tape. Whereas other times no matter how hard you try, you are just not able to cut the tapes in the right sizes. But things have changed and they have changed for the good. Now, there are tape dispensers which not only hold your tape in style but also allow cutting it in proper sizes.

We have brought to you some of the coolest and geekiest tape dispensers ever made. Pick the one that rightly fits your style, personality, and office desk. Work can never be more fun than this.

C3P0 Tape Dispenser

The “C3P0 Tape Dispenser” is weird and different from any kind of tape dispenser you must have seen in your life. The tape dispenser looks like some robotic man sitting on a chair pushing out tape from the roll.

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The Tape Dispenser in my Office

This cute and colorful tape dispenser features a man sitting on a chair and unrolling the tape for you. Instead of keeping that old dull looking tape dispenser at your office, try this cute one. If you lift the piece in the shape of a man, you will find a place where you can even store your paper clips.

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Mr. P Tape Dispenser

“Mr. P Tape Dispenser” is definitely a tape dispenser I would like to have. For a smashing way to enjoy your stationery, the tape rolls out from Mr. P’s mouth like a never-ending piece of tongue that can be torn off at his feet.

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Frog Tape Dispenser

For all those who love animals and want something more attractive and brighter on their desk, the “Frog Tape Dispenser” with its bright colors and big smile will add a lot of happiness on the work desk.

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The Cassette as a Tape Dispenser

The Cassette as a Tape Dispenser” is one cool piece of tape history that you can use at your office or at home. The Old School New Age tape dispenser is very handy and is made of Non-Slip Rubber. Innovative and stylish is what I would say.

Wooden Camera Tape Dispenser

Imagine a camera made out of wood. Wait, that’s not enough. Imagine a camera that does not take pictures but does hold your tape roll. Surprised? Have a look at this cool wooden camera tape dispenser. It’s innovative and attractive.

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Oreo Tape Dispenser

“Oreo Tape Dispenser” looks exactly like a biscuit. If you are fed up of using those old fashioned tape dispensers, then you can try the Oreo Tape Dispenser.

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Scotch Donut Tape Dispenser

If you love to eat sweet stuff and can’t resist yourself from having those yummy cookies or donuts, then this “Scotch Donut Tape Dispenser” is perfect to go with your personality. Now you can have your favorite donut on your desk in the form of tape dispenser.

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On the Cutting Edge of Tape Dispenser

An incredible breakthrough tape dispenser technology that will surly and permanently change the lives of people who frequently use tape dispensers. The Tape dispenser has got unique blades which help in cutting tapes in a straight line.

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The Whale Dispenser

If you’re bored with old fashioned tape dispensers which lie aimlessly on your table, and want something which is more attractive and cool, then the “The Whale Tape Dispenser” is the right tape dispenser for you.

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Snail Tape Dispenser

Everyone from kids to adults loves rain. That fresh smell of wet mud is just magnificent. But there is something more to rain than just the conventional things, a small being walking at its own pace – snails. For all the snail lovers, here’s “Snail Tape Dispenser” which is cute as it brings back the memories of rainy days.

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Sticky Tape

“Sticky Tape” has got a cute bird-like shape. This Bird Tape Dispenser will definitely bring a smile on your face each time you use it for taping things. According to me, this sticky tape is the cutest tape dispenser ever, for it can brighten your day whenever you look at it.

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See Through Auto Tape Dispenser

“See-through Auto Tape Dispenser” is a great office gadget which will draw everyone’s attention. This tape dispenser is colorful and because of its transparent cover, it reveals how it actually works. This See-through Auto Tape Dispenser also has an auto punching machine in it, which makes it a complete office gadget.

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Stationary Troop Tape Dispenser

Want to defend your desk from your boss or office colleagues? Then the Stationary Troop Tape Dispenser, with its unique weaponry system, will not only hold your tape but will also scare your boss away. This is an awesomely cool dispenser.

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Living Dummy Tape Dispenser

This “Living Dummy Tape Dispenser” is one of the weirdest and creepiest tape dispensers. The tape dispenser is shaped like a dummy man sitting and having the scariest expression on his face. Dumb but innovative.

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