An Edge Over Others : Cubish Audio Blasters

It is named Edge and it relieves you from all your edgy feelings. The new set of cube shaped speakers from Formboten is ready to take the world by storm.

Sleek and stylish looking is what can be said about these speakers. German designers Formboten have designed a set of wireless speakers in collaboration with the graphics group Dauerfeuer. At the back of the speaker is a USB plug along with an audio jack. The speakers are well-equipped to support digital music formats as well as stereo sounds. Edge has also been made capable of playing audio over Bluetooth via AirPlay.

When it comes to speakers, it is the quality of sound that matters the most. In the case of Edge, this is something that has a deep voluminous sound due to its dynamic bass. A huge open surface has been provided, and these are customizable to the maximum.

The concept of having wireless speakers has been around for a pretty long time. We have come across some of the leading electronic brands making high quality speakers that offer the best sound in the industry. However, when it comes to the Edge placed against the rest of the speakers, Edge is sure to have an edge over them. It is a known fact that appearance matters a lot, and good looks make a lasting impression on everyone. The same goes true for Edge.

The maximum number of speakers we’ve seen till date have had that same black colored impression. One look at them,  and you know that they are a set of speakers meant to play music. Not so with the Edge.

The Edge is a very neat looking set with lots of smooth edges. The first time you look at it you’d think for a while as to what it could be. If you see the vibrantly colored versions your confusion is bound to stay for some time. When you realize its identity, there will be no doubt about the fact that you would just love to own it. The brightly colored designs on the sides are sure to go with any style of home décor. For those who wish to tone it down a little, there are ones which only have a small portion in colored form placed against a huge white space. And for those who want to keep it downright simple, the black colored ones should serve the purpose the best.

Get the Edge, and gain an edge over the others – be it in sound or in appearance. This is an all-out winner, which is sure to set all hearts beating.

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Via: Yankodesign