Space Invader Desk Supplies For Gaming Fans

The unique Australian company called ‘A Brand Called Ed’ has come up with its new range of products, which they call Space Invader Desk Supplies, designed and based on the very popular arcade video game Space Invaders which took the gaming world by storm in the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s.

Space Invader Tape

In fact, most of the products of A Brand Called Ed are named and designed after the Space Invaders series. The game Space Invaders was originally designed by the Japanese Tomohiro Nishikado, and was one of the initially introduced shooting games. Nishikado was basically inspired by famous media words like War of the Worlds, Breakout, and the Star Wars. You might wonder how many ideas were mothered by Star Wars!

A Brand Called Ed’s product range includes pens, clips, tapes, et al, and that too, designed in the Space Invaders style. However, there is just one problem here, A Brand Called Ed delivers its products only in Australia. So, if you are on a visit Down Under, you may have a look at the cool Space Invader Desk Supplies, and purchase some of them for yourself and your friends and folks back home.

Pen is one of the must-present things on your desk, and this band has come up with a really cool and striking pen that can add a real charm to your desk. The significant factor about this pen is its multicolor writing capacity. You can find it working with 6 really vibrant and widely required colors. Ball pen by type, it can be of great use for you in doing lots of things like preparing an assignment and highlighting the important parts, and for underlining the notable factor of the project.

Space Invader pen

Another must-have desk supply of this band is the tape. As a tape is a thing that is quite frequently used for different purposes right from gift wrapping to sticking a poster or a routine to your study room’s wall, this Space Invader Desk Supply is of immense importance. Unlike any other ordinary tape found in the market, this special tape has printed designs on it which makes you go for making beautiful designs as well.

Last but not the least; the Space Invader Desk Supplies include the blue paper clips. First look on these, you will be attracted by the design of these clips. These come in stunning invader designs and shapes. One pack of such clips will have 12 of it.

Space Invader paper clips

All three of these Space Invader Desk Supplies are a must-buy for sure!

Not just for your Desk, you can also bring Space Invaders aura in your room by sticking these Space Invaders Wall Stickers on your wall. Also, check out the cool Space Invaders Couch and The Space Invaders Toaster.

Via: Craziegadgets