iPad Just Got a Competitor – The Innovative Smart Book

When we say tablet PC, the first word (or image) that comes to your mind would probably be the iPad. Apple’s smart, sleek, and highly innovative slate computer has conquered the minds and hearts of computer users worldwide. The iPad released across America in June this year, and crossed the 1 million sales figure within weeks.

The tremendous consumer response to the iPad now has other tech companies creating and developing tablet computers that would give the iPad a run for its money. At the forefront of the ‘iPad killer’ race is, not surprisingly, small time Chinese hardware companies that have developed slate computers similar in aesthetics and function to Apple’s iPad. In fact, the Chinese companies contend that they were the first to launch tablet style PCs and not the tech-cool Apple.

Joining the fray for the next iPad is a relatively unknown tech startup called Always Innovating. The greenhorn tech company has developed a second-generation touch PC. ‘Smart Book’ is the title of Always Innovating’s tablet PC, and it promises to offer a more complete computing experience than what the iPad offers.

Smart Book’s hardware and software features are designed for a smooth computing experience. The touch PC has a custom user interface that runs on an ARM Cortex-A8 based processor. The system can also run other interfaces such as Ubuntu Linux, Google Chrome, or Google Android. The monitor is a flowing 8.9-inch, 1024 x 600-pixel finger-sensitive touchscreen display.

The intelligent Smart Book also has a 512MB of RAM, 256MB of NAND flash storage, and an 8G microSD card, all included in the package. Add to this WiFi compatibility, Bluetooth 2.1, a 720p HD video output, and you have an impressive tech package. But the real USP of the Smart Book lies in its ‘complete’ experience.

The new age Smart Book is not just a computing device. It allows users to make VoIP calls with a touchscreen mobile device. It also allows users to dock the slate PC onto a keyboard stand or carry the slate screen separately. With the touchscreen mobile device, users can run various apps and use it as a second phone. This is where the competitive strength of the Smart Book lies in relation to other touch PCs and the iPad.

Always Innovating offers consumers the flexibility to choose the entire computing package for $549, or you could buy individual components from $199 onwards.

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