Rocsta Hybrid Charger

We’ve all been in a situation where we have a very important call to make while we are outdoors and our cellphone screen displays, “Low Battery!” And I bet you, no one likes it when this happens. It’s not just with our cellphones, but also with our iPods, MP3 players, and other gadgets as such that we own.

Well, here is a product that can be the best solution for the situations described above. Solio Rocsta Hybrid Charger is the gadget that will allow you to charge any electronic device or gadget wherever you are and whenever you find it necessary to do so. All this can happen without an AC power. This device is compatible with many electronic gadgets such as cellphones, with different tips for charging, iPods and MP3 players, USB charging, and many more. It is a multi-device charger, compatible with more than 3200 devices.

How does this work?

The Solio Rocsta Hybrid  charger stores power in itself and holds the power of charging for up to one year, which can be used anywhere at any time at your own convenience. It can be recharged from the sun, as it absorbs power from the sun’s energy; or if you live in an area with limited sun power, then there is a USB port where this Hybrid charger can be charged after plugging into the wall socket.

It has an auto off feature that will stop its recharge when the power of the hybrid charger is full, so this way, there will never be overcharging and any risk at all. This gadget is particularly for best when there is an emergency, such as a power cut, your battery dies right before a very important call or business transaction, or the battery of your GPS navigator is drained, and you haven’t reached your destination.

It comes in a bright yellow color so it will be very easy for you to find, wherever you keep it. This hybrid charger comes for a price of $79.95, which is very reasonable given its features and how useful it will be to you during emergencies, as that is when you will need this product the most.

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