LED Pinball Coffee Table – Now This Is Art

This LED Pinball Coffee Table DIY project shows you how to create your own LED Pinball Coffee table at home to amaze your friends and annoy your enemies. This is a retro geek chic interior design at its very best.

LED Pinball coffee table

This LED Pinball coffee table checks all the boxes for those of us with a little bit of taste and life experience. No we’re not old, we’re classics just like SNES. Which brings me neatly back to my post, because back in the days when SNES was cool, after we got home from hunting wooly mammoths, there was only one game we all ran to the neighborhood store to fill with our hard earned pocket money. Yup Pinball was where it was at. You may still see one in use here and there if you try really hard, but the wooly mammoth, my pet Dodo, and the Pinball machine is all but extinct, except for the fossils and the stories old folks like me have to tell.

Disassemble the Pinball Machine

There’s a couple of things I do in my spare time, I play a little guitar, I play a lot of games, I write, and I decorate the corner of my apartment with a ball and chain in brilliant geeky technicolor donated to me. It’s my time capsule when my memory starts to go, and I dispense the pants at home for good. When that day comes and I go on permanent holiday from reality, I want my holiday destination to be the 80s.

This LED Coffee Table would fit perfectly into the decor of my 80s time capsule. However, looking at the amount of work needed to get this bad boy up and running, I suspect myself building this may take a week or two after hell freezes over.

Build a Frame for the Table

If you’re slightly more adventurous than me, check the LED Pinball project doc out, and then all you need to construct this beauty, besides a truck load of free time and some power tools are:

  • a pinball machine (yes we all have one of those lying around)
  • lumber
  • plywood
  • screws
  • staples
  • hot glue
  • tempered glass
  • aluminum stock
  • wood glue
  • a few strings of LED Christmas lights (because everyday is Christmas when you have an LED Pinball Coffee Table)

Sadly, I don’t own anything on this list. Santa, if you’re reading this, please send me a pinball machine. I’ll get you extra LED lights this year if you do.

Via: Instructables