The Infrared Digital Thermometer Gun Measures Temperature from a Distance

If you are one of those guys who like to fix things on their own, like a DIY handyman, then you would know that measuring the temperature of the appliance you are trying to fix is the first important step. The reason why this is such an important task is that knowing the temperature of a particular appliance will help us know whether we can fix it with our bare hands or we would need some kind of protective gear (such as gloves). Imagine approaching a radiator pipe with your bare hands only to realize that it is steaming hot and your precious fingers are scalded in the process.


Thermometers are common temperature-measuring devices that are accessible to the public. Many of us simply ignore the fact that an ordinary household thermometer is an ingenious device which makes measuring temperature a simple activity. The question is how do we use a household thermometer to measure the temperature of an appliance?


Quality retailer has solved this mundane quandary with a state of the art thermometer that can be used to measure the temperature of any appliance from a secure distance.

The ‘Infrared Digital Thermometer Gun with Laser Sight’ may sound as if it came straight from a science fiction universe, but it is very much a practical reality. The Infrared Thermometer is a black and yellow colored device that resembles tag markers used in convenience stores. Like a tag marker, the thermometer has a comfortable handgrip and a cylindrical shaft that has an LCD screen.


If you need to measure the temperature of an appliance, simply point the Infrared Thermometer and click the button found on its handgrip. The LCD screen will display the temperature of the device. The state of the art thermometer can measure temperature from a distance up to eight meters, which allows the user to get a reading from a safe distance.

This intelligent device operates with a minimum of fuss. A 9-volt battery is all that is required to power the gadget. Once the device is aimed at an appliance, the temperature reading flashes on the screen in less than one second.

Because of its wide variety of applications, the Infrared Digital Thermometer is an ideal solution for professionals and handymen who can use the device to measure the temperature of running machines and appliances such as furnaces, air conditioners, and heater pipes.

The Infrared Thermometer currently retails for $23.87 on

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Via: GadgetHim