Batman and Pal Pops – Simply Amusing and Fun!

Well, who says superheroes and villains are no longer fun? They were, they are, and they always will be. If you are bored with all your old superhero toys then here’s something new for you. Yup, these Batman superheros and Villains pops will make the whole superhero collection once again fun for you.

Above: Batman Pop for$7.99

Remember those school days when you were all eager to get superhero stickers, toys, and everything else? Believe it or not, those days are not gone. When it comes to superheroes, we all are kids forever!

Above: Batman Batgirl Pop for $7.99

All of these superhero pops are around 3 ¾ inch vinyl figures. They are not the usual superhero figures. In fact, they have been designed in a more kiddish looking way, that truly makes them fun to keep! The head can turn easily, and it’s actually fun to make it turn. Ah, now you are getting flashbacks, aren’t you?

Above: Robin Pop for $7.99

All of these pops are inspired by designer toys and funky superhero collectibles that you get to see around. Like I said, they are not your standard superhero figures. They are funky, cute, and definitely fun to keep! Best of all, you just don’t get superhero pops – you also have the choice of buying super-villain pops. Well, superheroes would not become who they are now without their super-villains, aren’t they? For that very reason, we should also celebrate the success of all these super-villains such as the Riddler, Joker, and of course the all-time favorite Penguin!

Above: Penguin Pop for $7.99

You can also get Batgirl and Robin in case you don’t want to leave Batman alone with all these villains. I especially like the Robin figure, and I think it’s much better than the Batman one. It’s colorful and looks crazy, unlike batman who looks pretty simple in these pops. In fact, Batman looks like a kid here, and Robin looks like the head of the gang. Don’t worry, all of the figures have more or less the same dimensions so all of them can be on your table at the same time without looking awkward. Maybe you can gift these to your kids on next Christmas?

Above: Riddler for $7.99

Above: Joker from Batman for $7.99

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