Duck Hunt Zapper Lamp Lights Up With Nostalgic Goodness

In a lot of ways old video games were geared much more toward casual players. They generally didn’t have large budgets, extensive story lines, or in depth character development.

All that really mattered then was the gameplay (and the graphics too, for the time). Duck hunt was just such a game. For some reason, shooting ducks by the thousands with your newly bought Nintendo zapper was actually fun and a good way to burn an afternoon or two. This Duck Hunt lamp serves as a reminder for a bygone era, and even uses some genuine Nintendo equipment to complete the look.

I was sad to see that Estranged Illusions was willing to sacrifice their Duck Hunt cartridge just to make a lamp, right up until I read that the base is actually a replica made from cardboard and weighted down with “decorative stones.” The zapper you see here in the picture is the real deal, but the artwork that really comes into play here is the lampshade. According to the creator, she had to spend hours upon hours cutting out the beautifully designed pixelated grass and trees and of course our old friend the dog holding a fresh kill. Even Nintendo took notice, featuring the lamp in the August issue of Nintendo Power. Kudos to you girl! I don’t think I’ve ever actually read a Nintendo Power, but that doesn’t diminish the accomplishment one bit.

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