Optical Illusion LED Watch Hides the Time From You

You know those magic image pictures where you have to squint at a seemingly innocuous pattern to find the “real” picture inside like a sailboat or a dinosaur? Well take that concept, apply it to a watch, and you have this optical illusion LED watch design. If it looks impossible to actually tell time with (unless you want to burn a half hour each attempt staring at it before your “ah ha! It is noon!” moment), I agree with you.

All hope isn’t lost, though. While the time is displayed as an illusion you *should* be able to see the numbers through the green and black haze. Assuming you don’t have the time to do that, (haha, see what I did there? You know you did) there is a way to enable easy mode. Just tap on the display, and the watch will show you the time without the hassle of penetrating the optical illusion. The watch claims it will “wow your friends with your amazing sixth sensory powers!” But I’d probably get bored with the novelty after about 5 minutes or so. Then again, at least you have the option of tapping on it to see the actual time when you’re late for your son’s little league game or rushing to the train station anxiously tapping your watch to see if you still have time to make it.  Plus whenever your friends ask for the time you can say “see for yourself!” and show them a big colorful mess.

Lucky for us there are plenty of other Tokyoflash designs to go around. The color spectrum watch design would likely be a little easier to read while still maintaining that colorful fun feeling. Alternatively, you can go on a journey with the roundtrip watch design, although I wouldn’t take it out anywhere it might actually get broken. Those watches don’t come cheap ya know.

Via: Tokyoflash