LG Eagle Dual Screened Phone

We all have wanted to be able to get hold of the coolest and the most stylish looking cellphones. Well, here is a masterpiece that beats the designs of the iPhone, Blackberry’s and all the other phones. Designer Eugene Kim, along with LG has come up with this spectacular design of a cellphone which looks like an eagle when opened up. Sounds crazy, right? But take a look at it yourself.

Called the LG eagle phone, has yet another surprise, it contains two screens for display of content on the cellphone and will give you a desktop like feeling, but in your palms. The users of this phone will certainly feel like they have their desktops in the hands and can use it conveniently wherever, whenever they want. It’s not a surprise that both the screens are touch screen display, and it is super sensitive. The phone was originally designed by Kim, for the LG electronic design within the US region-2010

It seems like Eugene, designed this phone keeping the population of game fanatics in mind, as this phone is perfect for all the people who are crazy behind playing video games. Especially when the wings of the phone are opened out, it results in the phone looking like a gaming console, and makes the game to be way more exciting for the player. It can also give the feeling of using a Nintendo Wii, as it is sensitive to touch, so when playing games like ink ball and the like, all you have to do is move the screen, so that the ball can get into the appropriate hole.

The phone is for all those people who would like to be considered one step ahead in the use of technologies. It is a great, stylish phone which will definitely compliment your personality and make all your friends want to take a look of the phone, every time you are with them. So, if you are one of those who want to be ahead of the race, think about this product, and I’m sure it will be number 1, on your wish list.

via: www.tuvie.com

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