Steve Jobs Bust is “One More Thing” Your Desktop Needs

So you think you’re the biggest Apple fan in the world? Do you regularly carry around an iPhone, an iPad, and an iPod Touch? Have you built your own Apple Store diorama and painted iPhone app icons on your fingernails? Nice try, my friend – but you haven’t expressed the full extent of your love for all things Apple until you’ve picked up a 3D printed pixel-style bust of Steve Jobs. In case you haven’t heard of 3D printing, the concept is simple: digitally designed objects are slowly built up layer by layer until the finished product is complete. Because objects are built in layers, the process is great at producing the sharp square edges that a pixel-style bust would need.

Steve Jobs Bust 2

Metin Seven is the brilliant mind behind this colorful sandstone masterpiece, which can be purchased from his website. Looking at the design and construction of this sculpture, the Steve Jobs bust even looks like an authentic Mac product. The bust’s presentation is simple and smooth in color and material, yet the contours are clean and modern – very reminiscent of the design aesthetic of Apple’s stylish products.

Steve Jobs, as you likely know, is one of the three founders of Apple, as well as its Chairman and CEO. He is known for his charismatic keynote speeches, a larger-than-life persona, and of course, the plethora of Apple products under his belt. Standing at nearly half a foot tall, the Steve Jobs Bust is an intimidating reminder of Apple’s massive success. While the choice to illustrate Jobs in a pixel style might seem surprising – especially since Apple usually favors sleek visuals rather than stark pixels – Steve’s appearance is so iconic that this simple style represents him flawlessly. His distinct round glasses, scruffy beard, angry eyebrows, and receding hairline are all rendered in pixel-perfect glory, and the creator hasn’t forgotten to add the black mock-turtleneck that is a trademark of Jobs’ style.

Steve Jobs Bust 1

Overall, this piece makes a great desktop decoration, especially if you have a shiny MacBook or iMac that would make Steve Jobs proud to stand beside (like he’s displayed in the images). It’s effective to place the bust next to your computer at the office – whenever you look at it, Steve’s positively glowering expression will inspire you to stop watching videos of cats and get back to work. Besides all that, you’ll now instantly win any “who loves Apple the most” argument between your friends. Or perhaps, if you detest all aspects of the cult of Apple, you might come up with some – let’s say, “creative”- things to do to this piece. However you look at it, this bust will definitely be the apple of your eye.