New Polaroid 300 Instant Analogue Camera For Instant Snapshots!

If you want to enjoy instant photography, then grab the new Polaroid 300 Instant Analogue Camera.

Polaroid 300 Instant Analogue Camera

Designed especially for digital revolution, this new camera comes loaded with ultimate features to make you enjoy great photography results. This camera is capable of instantly ejecting prints in a fun way. This one is a retro shake and bake camera that helps you get instant photo prints on the move.

Featuring an updated version of the snap spewing contraptions, this camera can also produce business cart size prints within a few seconds of clicking the shutter. You also don’t need to download or use USB with Polaroid 300 Instant Analogue Camera. You can also get the classic white border effect with this amazing camera.

The camera boasts of its various interesting features like auto flash, auto adjust, manual exposure compensation, and 1/60 second electronic shutter. When it runs out off film, it also plays Poker Face. Get instant films on paper measuring 5.3cm x 8.5cm with this cool camera with an appealing glossy finish and wrist strap for easy grip.

Polaroid 300 Instant Analogue Camera features 4 scene modes including fine conditions, bright sun, cloudy, and indoor. It has a shutter speed of 1/60th speed, and is compatible with Polaroid 300 film only. Remember when you will buy Polaroid 300 Instant Analogue Camera, you won’t get the film inside; you will have to buy it separately. It can take an image size of 4.5 x 6cm and 3” diagonally.

Polaroid 300 Instant Analogue Camera side

Those who have already bought this camera are happy to use it for its amazing features and results. Many find its shape like a mobile phone, and it is super stylish and great in use. Some said that it is a brilliant camera for instant photos at a very affordable price. Some found it to be great to carry for its stylish look and easy grip. Many users found it to be one of the best inventions of Polaroid in the recent times.

Boasting of its ISO 800 recognition, Polaroid 300 Instant Analogue Camera comes with a pack of ten sheets. Polaroid 300 Instant Analogue Camera works fine on 4 AA batteries that are already inside it at the time of purchase. This camera measuring 11.5 x 7 x 12cm in dimensions can be yours in just £79.99
icon. You are free to choose any color of this Polaroid 300 Instant Analogue Camera from the options including black, red, and blue.

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5 thoughts on “New Polaroid 300 Instant Analogue Camera For Instant Snapshots!

  1. PhillipP.

    This is nothing more than a rebadged Fuji Instax Mini camera which came out around 2002. It only has the Polaroid name, it is not manufactued by Polaroid. In addition to taking Polaroid 300 film it also takes Fuji Instax Mini film. Please do a little research before you write an article and dont just copy the press release.

  2. Frank.

    What 5 year old wrote this article? For starters, Polaroid didn’t invent anything here, go look for a Fuji Instax Mini and you’ll see it’s the exact same camera, Polaroid has simply put a license in on their product…which has existed for about 5 years.

    Secondly, you can’t just put pop phrases on this thing to make it sound cool or say it has something it doesn’t.

    There are no manual adjustments, it doesn’t come out on paper….it’s FILM, that’s the point, and the ‘white border effect’ isn’t an ‘effect’ at all….not to mention it’s the wrong white boarder.

    I mean just wow….


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