Pacman is Real!!!

Being a fan of alternative music and culture, I have always been interested in all things morbid. However, Pacman is just not morbid enough for someone who is into that sort of life, or so I thought. Nevertheless, here is an artist who shares my penchant for all things that are dark and pathological and he has even successfully created a Pacman sculpture that is completely eerie, and so very real.

Science students would know that remains of dead animals can be persevered in formaldehyde and so can the innards of human beings through which one could study issues, theories and scientific facts on a lab table. Many morbid artists have used human innards as canvasses, and also as objects of arts themselves. So, to see real lifelike Pacman model that is preserved in formaldehyde could be a little too disturbing for people who are faint hearted.

DeviantARTist Kalapusa, who also created the Realistic Piranha Plant, has created the lifelike Pac-Man sculpture using clay and has painted it with acrylics. Using resin, he has given the sculpture a lifelike appearance which makes you think that Pac-Man has been captured alive and killed, and preserved in formaldehyde for the study of the 8-bit species. If you thought Pac-man was always pleasant and there could be nothing morbid about him, think again!

The artist claims that the biological term for Pacman is Pakku Rotundus, and that he belongs to the family of P. Rotundus specimen. Pac-man surely looks gross and just like any innards of an animal or human, or just like any carcass that is preserved in formaldehyde, he appears all wrinkled up, leathery and well, slightly mummified under the effects of the spirit.

If this seemed too morbid for you to handle, you could try and check out cuter Pacman stuff like the Pacman Hooded Sweatshirt and the Pacman Belts. However, if you are just as morbid as I am, check out the Pacman Skull Tattoo. Of course, the rest of you who thought classic video games are boring, cannot complain; for morbidity lies in the eye of the beholder.

Via: Geekologie