Android Has Finally Arrived With This 15-Inch Lego Model

Just ask Batman, Han Solo, or Indiana Jones, you haven’t truly arrived until you see yourself in Lego. With that as the litmus test, looking at this 15-inch Lego version of the Android OS android, this smartphone OS is here to stay.

Android Lego Sculputure

Now those who know me are quite familiar to my dislike of the iPhone and its dominance in the touchscreen market. Okay, so dislike might be putting it mildly. Needless to say, for me, Google’s entry into the Phone OS market was like a breath of fresh air. Sure I love the fact that the iPhone brought the idea of the smartphone to the masses, but I’m equally happy that the jolly green Android is still around to keep our linux-powered phones geeky clean.

I had a long discussion last night with a fellow writer about the direction of personal geek gadgetry would take. In the long run, I suppose complete convergence is probably a foregone conclusion. However, my personal view is simply that unless the personal gadgetry power is wrested away from the tech monopolies, we’ll struggle to get the open standards that are needed to turn our phones into personal proximity control devices.

These Personal Proximity Control Devices will tell your coffee machine how you take your cup of Joe, and automatically switch your television to your favorite channel when you enter a room. Oh, and it’ll probably make phone calls, too. Though, I suspect full video calls will become standard sooner rather than later; allowing us to lower the number of actual physical human interaction we have to partake in.

The Linux core of the Android project is one of those great opportunities for manufacturers and developers to start unlocking their imaginations, and really upping the Wow factor. Don’t stone me if as I predict, the gap between what can be done and what is done in the industry continues to widen.

This is one of the reasons Grayson Wendell and myself love to rally around the Android cause. It was only really a matter of time before the icon of freedom of geek was cast in Lego, to stand as green Guardian in the battle against clever marketing gimmicks, and ensuring the continuation of our geeky existence.

Now in case you think I’m joking about the geekiness, this Lego Android creation is completely fan made. Grayson Wendell designed this beauty from scratch. Now if that isn’t geeky enough, he did it using a personally written piece of software for figuring out the construction of the domes. Yes, Android users are just THAT awesome.

Perhaps someone will counter with an iPhone 4 Lego sculpture, which may or may not make calls, much like its real life equivalent.

Ok, I’ll leave all you iPeople alone now and go make this Lego Android sculpture my Ubuntu Wallpaper.

Via: Hardwaresphere