Batmobile Bobblehead

Bobbleheads are quite possibly one of the ugliest design concepts for dolls, yet they still sell in the masses. Perhaps people enjoy seeing disproportionally large heads shaking because of gravity.This Batman bobblehead fits into most conventions of the bobblehead doll, except that he’s driving his Batmobile instead of standing with his tiny body.


The toy’s full name is the “Batman Batmobile Bobble-Car”, which is clearly a play on the term “bobblehead”, indicating that it is based on the concept of a bobblehead but is different from most that you encounter. The problem with this name is that it is still the head that is bobbling, not the car. The name of the toy came from the action it makes, but the everyday buyer wouldn’t be able to pick up such a minute detail. It is more likely they would think of it as a play on words.

The toy itself is bright blue, a color that is both odd and normal to see on Batman. When Batman is not wearing black on his toys, it is common to see him in blue. This is because the shading in the comic of batman is blue, although, it is odd to see him in this color because it is bright, which is something not associated with Batman.

Despite that, the toy looks great. The bright color actually adds to the appeal of the toy. There is something amusing about having a little Batman in your car bobbling his head as you drive. Even more amusing is having a little man in a car inside your car. A bobblehead is always a perfect gift as a fan merchandise. This toy would be great for any Batman fan and is only $16.99.

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