Get All Your Traveling Information Sorted With the Super Fly

Many are obsessed with airline mileage but it’s truly a tall task to keep track of all passwords to various mileage programs that they are already involved in, and those that they might partake in the future. A perfect solution to this is the Super fly which collects user data like miles balance, elite status, and travel expenses analyses, travel patterns and compares them to existing mileage programs to provide clients with ready made travel options.

Super fly compiles travel information from all over and conducts an in depth analysis, plotting out client behavior patterns versus the reward programs in order to save money and cut down on expenses for the clients. The Super fly aims ultimately to track the total value of rewards, airline miles over time and spending patterns. This is an excellent and simple interface that provides you with decipherable tools to track your travel.

Super fly aspires to capitalize on the need to travel, which is a major, industry these days, more so than any other. It hopes to leverage intelligent suggestions and charge credit card companies and airlines by requesting them for referrals when clients / users follow their suggestions. Jonathan Meir, Ted Everson and Yaron Shagal are the founders of Super fly.

Business travelers are truly interested since their employers pay for their tickets, and hundreds and thousands of dollars are spent on travelers who travel more than twice a year.

In easy parlance, Super fly collects and analyzes your travel patterns, offers ways to save and breaks open the travel value chain. Information is collected from both high end business travelers and mid range travelers and the patent is run cross referencing the users. Various rewards programs prove conclusively that hundreds and thousands of dollars can be saved annually.

Enjoy cost effective travel with Super fly!

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Via: Techcrunch