IRL Batmobile

I don’t know much about cars (though word on the street is that Porsches are pretty expensive), but I do know a lot about fandom and this Batmobile Remake fits into that category perfectly.

The owner of this vehicle transformed his car into a batmobile- front guns included.


He also attached batwings on the side of the vehicle.

bat wing

To top if off, he even added a piece that is made to replicate the jet that makes Batman’s car go fast with the word “Gotham” painted on top of it.


On top of these features the car has logos embedded into the wheels, mats, steering wheel, and hood of the car.



As far as fan pieces go this car is impressive. It would make a great collector’s item, especially since it is not designed to be driven.  Though, it does have a NOS Sniper system installed, which is designed to give the car extra horsepower, it hasn’t been used yet. Hopefully it will never be. This car may look great, but I don’t imagine it as something people want speeding through the streets. Though this may seem fun at first, there’s a high chance that it won’t be able to have that speed again unless the system is replaced.

Bat Engine

For obsessive fans it would be worth the 7 grand it costs. This is a price that is cheaper than most cars on the market- probably because it is perfectly made just for viewing purposes.

Batmobile on the go

The seller also said that it’s not fully complete (the front fenders need to be completed yet), which also reflects to the low cost of the vehicle. Though occasionally, if you feel like it or perhaps for role playing purposes, you might want to stay in the front seat. What you do from then on is up to you.


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Via: Autoblog