Magic Wand Remote Control

Before the unfortunate introduction of the Twilight Saga, Harry Potter was the obsession going around. It was so strong that even now people are still showing their love for it, especially since the first part of “Deathly Hallows” is making its way into theaters this fall. With the release of the Harry Potter movies back in 2001, products like wands have made their way to stores. These wands, however, weren’t the most exciting thing to be released in the market. Not only were they ugly to look at, being unusually fat, the only thing that these wands could do was have their tips light up. This product puts a change to that.

Harry Potter Wand

The wand is a remote control that actually learns from the remote controls you already have. Each action is based on movement so you can actually flip your wand in different ways to make different things happen, such as changing the channel or adjusting the volume. There are 13 different movements to learn in total, but it probably would take some practice to get to learn how to do them effectively.


Though giving up is no reaction of an actual fan. This wand is awesome because it allows fantasy to become a reality. It actually gives the illusion of doing magic with a wand. That is more than Star Wars has been able to do with “the Force”. It might be quite a while before that happens.

TV wand

There is also a video below of the product.  It’s humorous in its own way, though you probably won’t laugh out loud. It’s a cute video about a man and his Harry Potter fanatic roommate. Though the acting is the greatest, it’s better than a lot of commercial actors that have made their way onto TV and the internet. On top of being cute and funny, the video successfully fulfills its purpose in showing what the product is capable of doing.

The Magic Wand Remote Control runs for $89.99.

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