Wireless Speaker to Rock Outdoors!

If you wish to own a high performance outdoor wireless speaker, now, you can actually buy it.

Outdoor Wireless Speaker

Grab the new outdoor wireless speaker that comes with a remote control. Enjoy listening from anywhere with this speaker that is easy to install without any wire. This new and innovative speaker incorporates a powerful 2.4 GHz technology that is capable of delivering a big speaker sound up to 150 feet away from you.

Outdoor Wireless Speaker features a 20 watt wireless transmitter signal that is capable of going through walls and obstacles indoors and outdoors. So, getting this speaker means removing anything that comes in between you and your music. This speaker can also be connected to an iPod, iPhone, computer, stereo, MP3 player, and any RCA audio output device for a musical experience.

There is a possibility of a new 32-channel scan-tuning between the transmitter and receiver with this speaker. This weather resistant speaker is also protected against minor splashes. It also boasts of its mood light effect and built-in super bass and tweeter.

Enjoy a virtually interference free stereo quality with this one of the best outdoor wireless speaker available in the market. These are UV resistant speakers that are capable of working on 6 D batteries. The speakers also feature AUX in jack and all the latest features as seen in the latest speakers.

Outdoor Wireless Speaker 1

Those who have already used these speakers have all praises for them. They can’t stop appraising the high sound quality they deliver.

One drawback felt by some of the users is its cradle for MP3 or iPhone plug-in. Listen nice and clear professional sound from these small yet powerful wireless speakers.

You can choose to present the speakers as a housewarming gift, Christmas gift, or a birthday gift to a loved one. You just need to spend $129.99icon to make one yours.

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