Challenging and Demanding: Rubik’s Revenge 4×4

Rubik’s cube started off way back in 1974. When Ern? Rubik, a sculptor himself and a professor of architecture decided to do something else, making a classic Rubik’s Cube that’s what. As time went on, it became more and more popular, recently becoming the most popular puzzle game by selling more than 350 million cubes worldwide. From this came many types of cubes, one of them is the “Rubik’s Revenge 4×4”. It is also known as the “Master Cube” created by Péter Sebestény, and slightly differs from the original Rubik’s Cube.

The facets in Rubik’s Revenge are not fixed, and the central facets are free to move in several directions. It is certainly more difficult than the original Rubik’s Cube, and that what makes it more fun. It has 43 quintillion combinations, sure to keep you busy for a while. With a lot of near misses that completely jumble it all up, you will get seriously annoyed with yourself at certain moments. Keeping that in mind, the creators of the cube have also given a hint handbook which will help you along the way to master this cube.

Rubik's Cube

Although anyone can play it, according to experts it requires at least a kid of 8 years old to solve this puzzle. Yes, if you are older than eight you are intelligible enough for the game.  It’s a really great time pass especially during a journey. You might have just finished solving one combination when you realize that you’ve already arrived in your destination. This of course applies to those who haven’t been practicing Rubik’s Cube since childhood, or to those who have an IQ of 160.

Initially, you will be able to solve the puzzle by accident; but you won’t remember all the steps. And when you try to do it again you will find yourself in a tangle. However, as time goes by you will steadily gain control over it, mastering one combination after another, remembering all the moves, then at last mastering the cube itself.  According to experts, this puzzle enhances your IQ and your analytical ability, and even improves your memory.  So, what you actually bought for fun turns out to be a great teacher!

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The 4×4 Rubik’s Cube runs for only $11.99.