The Signal Boosting Antenna is a Must for All WiFi Users

Internet connectivity has come a long way from beeping telephone-lined modems to pin-drop quiet broadband cables to the latest innovation – invisible internet or wireless connectivity. Wireless connectivity or WiFi allows users to surf the net seamlessly without the presence of obstructing cables or wires. Moreover, WiFi allows the user the freedom to surf the net from absolutely anywhere.

With the availability of wireless routers, users can now transform their broadband cable connection at home to a WiFi connection, and it is an extremely simple process as well. All that the user has to do is plug the broadband cable into the slot provided on the router, and turn on the WiFi function on their laptops or desktops.  The user can now access the internet without the connecting cable.

Wireless is the way forward as far as the internet goes, and with the launch of next generation mobile phones such as the iPhone 4, your phone may very well become the source of internet connectivity as well.

A minor downside to the user-appreciated WiFi connectivity is the sometimes-strong, sometimes-weak signal strength of wireless routers. In the internet driven age, nothing can be more frustrating than a slow or non-responsive internet connection. Though wireless routers have an antenna to increase the reliability of a wireless signal, there are times when signal strength is below par.

To solve the predicament of the invisible signal, reputed retailer Hammacher Schlemmer has on offer, an innovative WiFi antenna that promises a future where turtle-speed internet connections do not exist.

The Signal Boosting WiFi Antenna is modeled closely to the existing wireless router antenna, but that is where all similarity ends. The Signal Boosting Antenna delivers a superior performance in increasing the wireless speed and reliability of the user’s internet network. The innovative antenna has an intelligent design that is tuned to act like a magnet and pick up signals in all polarizations. This allows the Signal Boosting Antenna to pick up and stream weaker signals that other antennas usually drop.

Since the Signal Boosting Antenna is similar to the ordinary router antenna, the user can replace the old antenna with the new booster antenna in minutes. The user has to simply detach the old antenna from their wireless router and plug in the booster antenna. There is no need for any software installation or reconfiguration.

With the powerful and easy to use Signal Boosting WiFi Antenna, you will always stay connected to the internet. It is priced at $59.95.

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