Convenient Portable DVD Projector

If you are the type of person who loves to watch films on the go, there are a couple of portable options available for you. The most common approach is to watch it on a mini screen such as the iPod series. For those rare people who prefer to buy DVDs, there is also the option of either watching it on your laptop or buying a portable DVD player. All these options are great until you want to watch these movies with your buddies. Then there is the problem of how everyone will be able to see on such a small screen.

DVD projector

This Mobile Cinema DVD projector presents an answer to that.  Since the actual player is a projector instead of a screen, the size of which you want to view the film is up to you, as long as the surface you are projecting on permits. It works essentially like a normal DVD player so it’s pretty simple to figure out. There are the generic buttons such as pause and play, a switch so you can fiddle with the volume, and there is also a knob at the back which allows you to focus the screen – something that of course will come in handy. There is also a microphone jack that allows you to plug in a microphone if you want to do a big screen karaoke session.


The best thing about this device is that it is portable, which means you can bring it to any of your friends’ parties with ease without the hassle of lugging big speakers that are heavy. The LED technology it features also allows for it to have longer lamp life with less energy consumption. In times like these, that’s always a blessing.

It runs for £149.99


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