Say Bye To Freezer With the Temperature Control Wine Chiller

Have you ever wished that there was another way of chilling your wine bottle apart from freezing it in a refrigerator? Then, your dream comes true with the new Sharper Image Adjustable Temperature Control Wine Chiller.

Wine Chiller

Now, enjoy chilling your favorite wine in this amazing new wine chiller. Featuring controls, the Adjustable Temperature Control Wine Chiller chills wine bottles in a few minutes. All you need is to place your bottle of wine in this chiller and simply relax until the time you want to serve it. The moment you pick it from the chiller, you’re sure to get your desired chilled wine.

Whether it is red wine, white wine, or a champagne bottle, you can easily chill all of them in the Wine Chiller. This interesting wine chiller comes with over 70 preset wine varieties to choose from. These temperature presets are especially determined by the country of origin and the wine type that is measured in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Sharper Image’s Wine Chiller also boasts of its beautiful brushed metal finish look that makes it look like a complete gadget when placed on a countertop. It has an easy to read extra large display with a backlight that shows you what the bottle’s current temperature is.

Owning Sharper Image Adjustable Temperature Control Wine Chiller means enjoying freedom to program your own custom preferred temperature for your wine. It is indeed one of the finest wine chillers ever introduced in the market.

Those who already own Sharper Image Adjustable Temperature Control Wine Chiller have all praises for it. While some find it innovative both in terms of design and functionality, others find it great in quality and uniqueness. The only drawback of this chiller is that it is not large enough to chill champagne bottles.

Sharper Image Adjustable Temperature Control Wine Chiller is a good gift idea for their friends and loved ones on special occasions. In case you are eager to make this product yours, get ready to spend just $89.99icon. You also get a complete 1 year limited manufacturing warranty. Make sure to read the user manual before using this amazing wine chiller.

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