Unique Glow in the Dark Cross Stitch Iron Man Starkly Beautiful

This Iron Man, glow in the dark Cross stitch is the brain child of stitchFight, a Flickr user and pop culture cross stitcher supreme. Artist, stitchFight creates creative pop culture Cross Stitch art.

Cross stitching is a type of counted thread embroidery. To make a long story short it’s a very labour-intensive task with the artist needing a keen attention to detail. While I’ve never stitched a day in my life, I can appreciate the amount of work this kind of work requires. If compared to digital art forms cross stitching seems to resemble pixel art more than any other of the digital art forms. In every piece of cross stitching the artist needs to work on the details while keeping in mind the whole regardless of how distant that whole may be.

Cross Stitch Glow in the dark Iron Man

All hail the real-life pixel artist! The cross stitcher and the Pixel artist both need to pour hours and hours into their work for relatively small reward. Looking at some of the work in progress pictures from Flickr, cross stitching is not to be undertaken lightly. If my maths hasn’t escaped me stitchFight estimates her latest Kick Ass design will take 3 months if she stitches 100 stitches a day.

Cross Stitch Glow in the dark Iron Man

stitchFight is doing her best to prove that just because cross stitching is historically reserved for older persons, persons whose youth came before the Atari Console, there’s no reason cross stitching can’t be cool. stitchFight Works cover a range of pop culture icons, with designs inspired by Tank Girl, Watchmen, Kick Ass, a Clockwork Orange, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Hellboy, Rage against the Machine, Mystique and of course Iron Man.

Cross Stitch Glow in the dark Iron Man

The piece that really caught my eye though has to be the Iron Man cross Stitch. stitchFight makes use of glow in the dark thread to make this Iron Man Cross Stitch piece really stand apart from the rest. In the dark see only Iron Man’s iconic eyes and the silhouette of his helmet. In the day see a beautifully detailed and shaded glorious full colour version of the Iron Man helmet. stitchFight’s inventive use of the glow in the dark and her skilled stitching of the helmet makes this bit of stitching a welcome addition to any Iron Man Collection.

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Via: Flickr and Neatorama