Improved Seiko Robot Girl Performs Amazing Circus Tricks

If you’re like me, you probably think of most robotic movements to be rather clumsy, slow, bulky, or unwieldy. That thinking, which has proven to be true pretty consistently, is shattered by this little Murata Girl Robot. This little girl can balance herself very well, ride a unicycle, bicycle, you name it, and she can do it (Ok maybe not everything, we’re a long way off of THAT, ok? Get your mind out of the gutter).

As with most robots, Seiko continues to improve and this year she’s been equipped with some significant upgrades. New functionality proves that Seiko, as she’s called, can also now navigate curves and travel along rather narrow surfaces with ease.  Pretty soon she’ll be traveling along city sky lines in full stealth like the Tachicoma robots from the Ghost in the Shell Series. Then you better watch out, kid. There’s a video listed below if you’d like to see her in action (note that the video is of last year’s model though) at the Tokyo electronics show. Seiko will also be there at the next show in October. Be there or be square. It certainly does go a long way in showing us just how much robotic technology continues to improve (and how quickly you should be hoarding your weaponry, useless though it may be against our future robotic overlords).

Ok, so Seiko might not be quite as flexible as say, a troupe of dancing robots, and she won’t be able to save your life like some other rescue robots we’ve seen (she won’t eat you either, so that’s a bonus), but that doesn’t make her any less noteworthy. Balance is one of the largest challenges when designing a potential robot bent on killing mankind in the future, and being able to navigate curves is an incredible feat.

Via: Switched