Boggle Flash: Wordsmiths Love!

Boggle is one of the most popular games played not just by kids but also by adults. The same popular Boggle has now come in an electronic way in the form of Boggle Flash Game. This classic game of the 21st century has been re-crafted in a high-tech form and is now called Boggle Flash.

Boggle Flash

Now, you don’t need boards, dice and sand timers to play your all-time favorite Boggle Game. You just need Boggle Flash Game that comes with five LCD tiles and each one displays a random letter. The main objective of playing this game is to line up the tiles to spell out as many meaningful words as you can in just a span of 90 seconds.

Forget arguing over words while playing Boggle Flash when you slide, swap, or shuffle the tiles, because the tiles have interesting and clever recognition software that keeps a check on it all. The moment you join the tiles together to form any word, the software automatically adds your score for every correct word, this also eliminates the use of a calculator or pen or paper for scoring.

Boggle Flash Game also features an internal dictionary to help you. Boggle Flash is a great way of pass time while you are at home or on the move. This brain teasing game can be played by 1 or more players at a time. It is most suitable for players aging over 8 years.

It’s quite like scrabble in which you are required to form words using letters. The only difference between scrabble and boggle is that there is a time limit in boggle which is not there in scrabble. The fact, that Boggle Flash has an in-built timer, there is no scope for any form of cheating in this game. This game is perfect to be played during family get-together, parties or when you are alone at home with your partner. It is an educational game for kids, who learn to sharpen their vocabulary in a play way game through it.

This interesting electronic game works well on 5 CR2032 batteries. You can also choose to gift it to your loved ones on special occasion and they would love receiving such a time passing game from you. This exciting game of Boggle Flash can be yours in just £24.99icon.

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