Give a Great Start to Your Day with the Pacman Alarm Clock

For most of us, getting up in the morning is an exercise. Some of us wake up after snoozing the alarm a couple of times. Some wake up only after threats of pouring cold water on the head were made. And most of us get up cursing how another day began so early. The problem probably lies on the alarm clocks that wake us up. If only they were more interesting, we would have a reason to get up and get on with the day.

The ‘Pacman Alarm Clock’ promises to be one of the more interesting alarms that you may just love waking up to. In terms of design aesthetic or functionality, there is nothing out of the ordinary here. What the Pacman Alarm Clock has, is a rich tradition that gives it an upper-hand among alarm clocks.

Anyone and everyone who has played a video game would have definitely played the Pacman: a classic arcade game that has become a social phenomenon, and an 80s pop culture icon. Gamers have spent days trying to get the yellow semi-circle (Pacman) to eat all the dots in the maze and proceed to the next level. The game has had a deep impact on our cultural psyche with Pacman being the most recalled video game character amongst Americans.

Coming back to the clock, the Pacman alarm has incorporated many design and sound elements from its legendary video game cousin, which makes it an interesting and endearing wake up clock. The time is displayed in a semi-circle body, which is an exact replica of the Pacman character from the video game. The semi-circle body is colored in a jovial yellow tone, and has a wide open smile, where the time is displayed.

Other symbols and characters of the game have been used to display the functions of the clock. For instance, we have cherries that display the snooze function of the clock. Considering the fact that cherries were bonus items in the game, it is an apt symbol for the snooze button.

The best part of the Pacman alarm clock is, it wakes you up with original sounds from the game. Imagine waking up to the sounds of a game that we have loved playing. A perfect start to the day.

If you wish to have the perfect start to the day, check out the Pacman alarm clock at It is priced at £14.99icon.

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