20 Awesome and Geeky Pacman Tattoos

There is something about Pacman that just eats you up, isn’t there? Noooooo, (slaps her forehead) I don’t mean the ghosts! I mean, the whole concept; the maze, the game, and the little ever-gobbling superhero himself. Who wouldn’t want to be a fan-girl/boy, we ask ourselves?

It really seems like we’ve asked that out aloud because the pictures here are quite an answer! (And if we knew that, we wouldn’t have asked the question in the first place, rhetoric or not!) Anyways, we were so intrigued by Pacman and his pacman-ish ways (I laughed out loud at that one!) that we decided to check out who else was. We found THIS many! Scroll, scroll, and check out these cool, fun, and absolutely awesome Pacman tattoos.

A Real Geeky Tattoo

What better way to start the post with is this awesome geeky tattoo, isn’t it? The idea is that our man Pacman needs to get the little dots across the fingers to eat up his Hors d’œuvres. Anyways, isn’t it a fab idea to have Pacman on one finger, his trail on some, and his ghost on another?

Ms Pacman Head Design

Oooyyyeee! He has gone to her head! Literally! Check out this Ms Pacman head design trailed at the side of this lady’s forehead. Innovative, I say, but what a fan!



This one is for those who hate Pacman being eaten by those dastardly ghosts. So yes, get those guns out shoot ‘em brains out! Mbrinton thought this up, and executed it too. Don’t we just love him for it?

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Funny goes weird, goes gothic! Our original hero has become a death-eater, but who cares. It is the age of bad guys, and Pacman can do anything he wants after all! We are with you on that one Denis Duarte.

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Foot Tattoo

Lacey it looks, and so geeky! Joanne has painted her feet with Pacman, and that’s an idea only true-blue fans can have now. Oh, I see you nodding so vehemently!

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Super Pacman Tattoo

You are wondering whether I said ‘super’ for Pacman or the tattoo? Take a guess. It’s for both. And of course, for the super geek who thought this up as well!

Source: JimofWare

Totem Pole Tattoo

A blast for gamers! This complete totem pole resurrects gaming heroes in one complete tribute to gaming and its legends. Catch our Pacman ghost right at the center in full red glory!

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Full Maze Tattoo

This is somewhat unfinished but doesn’t it make you wide-eyed? Just imagining what it will look when done, and what’s the passion of the man behind it…err…behind whom the tattoo is! 🙂

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His-n-Her Pacman

He is into Pacman, and so is she? It’s Valentine’s day so how do they celebrate their togetherness? Like THIS! Rather sweet, isn’t it?

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And this, for those who wish it to be slightly understated…but not really.

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Pacman Ninty

Macho it is, this one! What with the black bands below it mean that the reverse geek in me doesn’t understand, tattooed with a vengeance or so it seems!

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Merry Ms Pacman

Is it me or do I see real emotions on the faces of Ms Pacman and the ghost? Our miss seems to be smiling gleefully as she races towards her food, and the ghost sulks as he knows he is going to lose out on this one.

And the lower back is the perfect place for this one, IMO!

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Ms Pacman Again!

But this time, she is on the arm not the head. She is as charming as ever; and of course, hungry. The Pacman family wouldn’t be the same without that now, would they?

Source: Pointyfp

Laser Pacman

That’s some passion! This guy has etched Pacman with laser, and shows it off proudly. Well, the way it looks (and the agony of it) I am sure he has all the reasons to. Makes me want to whoop for him! Really.

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Full-arm Tattoo

This guy wanted the real thing for sure. Before Pacman went hi-tech and colorful, it used to look somewhat like this, the maze and monochrome. Having an arm full of wonderman Pacman is a style statement of yore for sure!

Source: Da Coolest

Fore-arm Pacman

Our Superman is tucked in nicely here among his crazy maze and mates. This Pacman tattoo is sported on the fore-arm, and it is way forward geeks to show off.

Source: earthdog

Here’s yet another geeky fore-arm tattoo. To be done in three parts, here is part 1 that is complete!

Source: Guin’s view

And another!

Source: Joystick

Back Tattoo

Pacman gobbles, ghost watches, and we have all the fun! Karoll is having fun too. Besides, he also says he was playing Pacman while he was getting it done. Worship!

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Pacman Art

What do we call this? High art, symbolism, or expressionism? All said, this beauty is creative and artistic. Worthy of our pet man it is!

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