Wooden Quadrocopter

If you’re into the model racing and RC vehicle scene, and even if you aren’t, you probably know that there are many different vehicles used for RC racing. Besides cars and land-based vehicles, there are also boats, planes, and helicopters. But this is probably the epitome of cool for remote control vehicles. Built by Grease, this is the wooden quardocopter.


This design is pretty cool because while there have been other quadrocopters, the overall look of it is pretty cool. The details are not really significant, since it doesn’t model after anything to my knowledge, but despite this, it is pretty consistent. The style of this design is interesting, and you can see a lot of effort going into it.


The amazing thing behind this quadrocopter is the mechanics behind it; every one of the propellers is set up with the proper electronics, making it fully functional, and actually able to fly. Looking closely at the copter, it looks a little messy because wires are visible, as well as the cable ties, but otherwise, it’s really well put together.


The entire quadrocopter is driven by the motor at the center. The entire structure is made from at least 4 types of wood, and the wood was fashioned into parts according to an older model kit, with the alien dome at the top being pretty well done. The entire structure was designed using a Computerized Numerical Control machine, with the copter being capable of hovering, GPS, and flying first person view.


The details and the finishing of the project look really cool, and overall, it looks like something anyone with an interest in RC models could indulge in. Below are more pictures from the production and building phase of the copter.




Here’s a demonstration video for you to check out.

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via Hacked Gadgets