Yoda Cake with Lightsaber

Remember last time when we spoke about the Yoda Head cake, we said that the cake art is becoming the latest trend? This is what we meant! The cake art combined with any Star Wars character, and you get one hell of a cake!

Last one was good and this one is better!

Made by Debbie, this cake is truly outstanding. The only issue is that it looks a bit untidy, and I think Debbie needs to perfect her craft in order to make a neater cake. The Yoda Head Cake compared to this one was neater. Anyhow, what was missing on the previous cake is in this one – the lightsaber of Yoda! Of course, kids would go crazy when they see that, wouldn’t they?

The lightsaber in front is made from fondant and the cake, well I don’t really know right now what the cake is like from the inside. That’s because Debbie hasn’t revealed that part. My instincts tell me that this cake is more of a show cake. It won’t taste that good, but it sure would excite the kids around. And, I can’t wait to mention that I particularly like the eyes of Yoda in this one. The last one that we reviewed didn’t have good eyes as this one has. They are well-crafted and they actually look real enough.

On that very note, I also want to add that the nose area and the lips are a bit untidily done. They aren’t as clean as one would expect. Anyhow, the cake sure is a delight for kids, and you can’t deny that fact. Try buying this cake for your kiddo’s next birthday, and see how excited he would be.

I personally would give 8 out of 10 to this cake. The idea is cool, the colors used are great, but it looks a bit untidy. Also, due to the limited nmber of pictures we have, we can’t really say how good the cake would taste. So for now, I would like to ask Debbie to please make sure to take and provide us with more pictures next time!

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