Fujitsu’s Dual Screen Concept Produces the “Odd” Effect

TAT, a company that touts its ability to produce the “wow” effect, has certainly intrigued us here at Walyou.

Fujitsu and TAT collided with Texas Instruments to showcase an LTE dual screen phone concept at CREATEC this week, and the concept even looks ready for production. It appears as though the phone is destined for the Japanese market only, but it could be on shelves within a year.

If the phone is, in fact, close to or ready for production, the software needs a huge injection of juice for it to compete with other touchscreen devices currently in the market. The hardware, however, is in great shape.

The phone centers around two beautiful touchscreen displays, both 960 x 480. When closed, the phone looks like a conventional clamshell handset. Only when it’s opened up does it become clear it’s something unusual. The phone can be used like a clamshell, with each screen in portrait orientation, one above the other, or thanks to a versatile hinge it can be twisted around so that the screens move to landscape orientation, one above the other.

In some applications, the extra screen space is used to bring clarity to the mobile desktop. For example, when viewing mail the list of messages can populate the top screen and the content of the selected message on the bottom screen.

At CREATEC, the company also demonstrated the phone’s innovative photo sharing application. “We wanted to gather cloud data and local data, but if you have only one screen it will be a bit complicated,” said Masashi Tanimura, who works at Fujitsu’s UI planning center in its mobile phone unit. To make it easier for users to understand, the company decided to use one screen to represent the cloud and another to represent local data.

Although the device is only a concept, and Fujitsu doesn’t have a firm commercialization plan at present, it was developed with an eye to future LTE data services.

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Via: EngadgetUbergizmoPC World, Pocketnow