Turn Your Macbook Into a Tablet

There’s not much question that tablet PCs seem to be all the rage these days. The shocking (to me) success of the iPad and the upcoming release of its competitors seems to have revived the niche. Maybe you don’t have a couple hundred bucks lying around, and you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to getting a tablet. This Macbook Tablet mod will do just that, and it won’t break your bank.

This awesome Mac mod involves making some changes to the screen itself, and the cost is around $50 in total for a usable tablet. Now, the computer doesn’t have a swivel screen, but ends up being a backwards-facing touchscreen that’s accessible by cutting off the majority of the lid. As you can see from the video, there’s a bit more to it than what I can explain in a paragraph or two, but you should be able to garner a good idea of what’s involved.

As you might expect, there’s some serious deconstruction here, so only undertake the project if you have the skills to pay the bills (or the cost of replacing your now useless Macbook).  Then again, anytime you pop open your electronics, there’s a chance that your giant goofy hands can break something. It comes with the territory and all that. Even with that said, I can’t really argue with the idea, as it presents a much cheaper alternative to actually buying an iPad (Although you’ll have sunk the cost of a Macbook into it. Easy come, easy go). If you’re interested in some other tablet goodness, there’s this EeePC 701 Tablet mod that I heard can give the iPad a run for its money. Alternatively, if you’re looking toward the future, you can check out this Prototype of the XO-3 tablet. Supposedly will be ready in December of this year.

Via: Lifehacker