19 Geeky Nutcrackers

Let’s face it. We all love nuts. We like to have them in our ice creams, cakes, and desserts. However, when it comes to cracking nuts, we have our own special excuses to run away from the task. But we can’t blame anyone for the task of cracking nuts is mundane and tedious. Moreover, if you don’t have the right kind of cracking device, imagine the amount of physical effort you will have to put in to crack each nut.

But then geeks love to do stuff differently, and make even the most boring task interesting. And so the odd-looking, blend nutcrackers have got a complete makeover. Now don’t get bored at cracking nuts. Choose one of the right weapons from below to make this stupid task look stylish and attractive.

Heavy Metal Nutcracker

In the past, people used to pick up a rock or some heavy object to smash the nuts open. This “Heavy Metal Nutcracker” is influenced by the same logic, but with great innovation and good looks. Moreover, it’s simple to use, for you just have to raise the large, smooth steel ball to the top of the U-brackets, and leave it to fall on the wooden base where the nut is placed.

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Hillary Clinton Nutcracker

Fan of Hillary Clinton or have mixed feeling about her? Here’s “Hillary Clinton Nutcracker” which of course looks like Hillary Clinton. This nutcracker will remove the nut shells of your walnut with raunchy style and naughtiness. When not in use, this “Hillary Clinton Nutcracker” will stand up on her own – a great table showpiece for you.

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Star Wars Nutcracker

star wars nutcrackers image

For all those who love Star Wars movies, and also love collecting Star Wars gadgets, the “Star Wars Nutcracker Set” is just the right thing to add in your collection. This Star Wars gadget nutcracker set comes in three pieces in the form of Darth Vader, Yoda, and R2-D2.

Simpsons Nutcracker

Simpsons is a cartoon which is loved by people of all ages. To show how much of a fan you are, the Simpson Nutcracker can be a great medium.  “Homer Simpsons Nutcracker” is bright in color and easy to use. This is definitely a cute way to break the nuts up.

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Star Trek themed Nutcracker

“Star Trek Themed Nutcracker” is yet another nut cracker for all the Star Trek fans. It is also a great gift option for a geek. This “Star Trek Nutcracker” is hand-painted and made from wood.

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Iron Man Nutcracker

Though the Iron Man nutcracker looks good, I wouldn’t suggest it for cracking nuts. The hole is way too small for accommodating nuts of big sizes. Moreover, when it comes to cracking nuts, the process is very clumsy and slow.  However, it can be a great collectible item for all the Iron Man Fans.

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The Livo Nut Screw

The “Livo Nut Screw” from Zack is cool as well as stylish. The Nutcracker is made up of stainless steel, and is also easy to use. You just have to place the nut under the screw, and tighten the screw to see your nut crack.

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Just A Tap Nutcracker

“Just A Tap Nutcracker” cracks even the toughest of nuts because of its unique design. This nutcracker has got a stainless steel base, domed rubber top, and a non-slip rubber bottom. “Just a Tap Nutcracker” is sleek and easy to use. You just have to place the nut on the metal plate, and cover it with the rubber dome. The ribbed metal fitting on the underside of the dome ensures that only a tap is enough to split the shell of your nut.

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3D Nutcracker

This “3D Nutcracker” allows you to crack nuts as well as shellfish. This nut cracker has got three arms, which rotate around the connecting joint, which encloses the nut on the three sides, making it easier for you to crack the nuts. This produces the same result as a traditional nutcracker but requires less pressure. The “3D Nutcracker” will also look elegant and stylish on your kitchen cabinet.

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Twist and Crack

This nutcracker, designed by Ineke Hans, has the most innovative and unique shape. All you got to do is to twist the cracker and the nut inside the container will get cracked just to the level you need in order to peel off the shell.

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Stylish Nutcracker

Stylish Nutcracker, as the name suggests, is the most stylish looking nutcracker, which comes in different colors. This nutcracker can easily crack different sizes of nuts. Just put the nut in the nutcracker, and squeeze – that’s all you have to do, and your delicious nut is ready to eat.

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Trudeau Rotary Nutcracker

If you love eating nuts at odd hours, then this “Trudeau Rotary Nutcracker” is for you. The nutcracker is compact and easy to use. Put the nut in the slot provided until they fit properly, and then give it a little twist, and the nut is cracked.

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Tube-like Nutcracker

This Tube-like nutcracker is definitely one of the most unique and classic looking nutcrackers. It also uses a different technique to crack the nut. Just put your favorite nut in this tube and then twist it. Isn’t that easy?

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Cubic Nutcracker

The wooden Cubic Nutcracker is an innovative cube to crack nuts. It has got moulds of different shapes on each of its sides. You can easily crack your favorite nut by putting it in the specific space in the cubic cracker.

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Flying Monkey Nutcracker

Monkey with wings? “Flying Monkey Nutcracker”, as the name suggests, is a nutcracker in the shape of a monkey with wings. This nutcracker is definitely one of the weirdest nutcrackers ever made. However, I wouldn’t deny the fact that the nut cracker is extremely attractive.

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Northern Industrial Tools Nutcracker

Since almost everyone love to eat nuts, this “Northern Industrial Tools Nutcracker” will help you to crack your nuts with style. All you have to do is pull the lever, and there you have your tasty nut ready to eat. This vintage nutcracker seems to have emerged from the ancient era.

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Squirrel Nutcracker

A fact – Squirrels can crack nuts very fast and very easily with their teeth, and no one can beat them in this process. But if you have your own squirrel, you can compete with them. The squirrel nutcracker will crack nuts for you in style and at great speed. “Squirrel Nutcracker” is surely the cutest way to crack those nutshells.

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Nutcracker 2009

Want to crack nut in the traditional way? This exquisite nutcracker designed by John Elder reminds us of the good old nutcrackers. The nutcracker is made with air-dried Southern Illinois cherry, and 3 coats of clear dewaxed shellac under 2 coats of wax.

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Victorian Man in the Moon Ironwork Nutcracker

The “Victorian Crescent Moon Ironwork Nutcracker” is an antique replica of the man in the moon and is definitely a piece of art. This nutcracker is made up of solid iron, and will help you crack your favorite nuts with its jaw. This “Victorian Crescent Moon Ironwork Nutcracker” can be a great gift item, and also the perfect nut-cracking tool for your home.

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