The Chaotic Shattered Clock

This is probably one of the strangest clocks that you would have come across in your lifetime. Your eyesight is perfectly normal; it is the clock that is playing the tricks. It is called the Shattered Clock. For once, it does seem that your eye sight is shattered but on closer look, you will once again start believing in yourself.

The Shattered Clock has been designed by Igor Barbashin and Daria Volokhova. Probably, they wanted to have people take a longer look at their clock before turning their heads away. It does take a while to read the time. One simple glance is not enough. You must actually know how to make sense out of a chaotic lot of figures. You could say it is meant for the more sophisticated, but it can actually fit anywhere.

Once you get used to this clock, telling the time will be a simple affair. All you have to do is look for the least broken number which will be the hour. Telling the minutes is very simple as the minutes hand moves like any other clock.

You could, in fact, say that there is a lot of order in this chaos. Every object that we create is a mixture of several pieces. In this clock here, we can witness that same chaos coming to order hour after hour. While others break up, at least one takes form.

All the gibberish spread out across the face of the clock displays a sense of eventual organization. Objects may break, people may come and go, moments may pass, but one thing that moves at a consistent rate is time. And this is exactly what happens here. Time moves at its own pace. One number may form in one place and later break up to make room for the other, but the time just keeps progressing.

The dimensions of the Shattered Clock are 106cm by 88cm making it the perfect size to fit any interior. Be it an office or a home, this ‘chaotic’ clock can smartly be placed anywhere, and it is sure to attract every eye. It is still in the prototype stage, but anything which is out of the normal is sure to be given due attention. Everyone likes to have a little change in life. When something as interesting as this comes across, it is bound to get a sizable audience.

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Shattered Clock Via: Neatorama