Solar Powered Watch Design

If you are looking for a unique LED watch design, then this one is for you. Designed by Sam from Germany, this solar LED watch utilizes a sort of free energy to illuminate a string like structure on its LED membrane. Isn’t that cool?

That’s something we haven’t seen before. Maybe there have been watches with the same technology but they have never come on the upper layer. But, this one is now in the limelight and we are enjoying reviewing it as much as we enjoy playing basketball. Yup, that’s right…that’s how cool the watch is.

So what’s the design all about?

The red line you see on the LED membrane basically displays the time. Now, the way it displays time is the fun factor. This red light goes through curves and ribbons, and forms numbers in its own fascinating way to display time. Look at the pictures below, and you’ll know what exactly I am talking about.

Although the numbers are not completely clear, they are easy enough to read. Besides, this is one utterly amazing way of displaying time. Like I said, I haven’t seen anything like it before so I am right now, pretty much excited.

There is a solar cell in the watch that stores up energy in the battery to make sure the watch keeps functioning throughout. Another great feature about this watch is that it looks like an electronic bracelet. You can’t really figure out where the straps are and where the dial is.

The straps and the dial merge with each other to give that sophisticated and elegant look to the watch. And, of course, that red twining in the dial makes it look even more amusing. It looks like one thick piece of metal that has a red shining string on it. Moreover, the straps are magnetic so you won’t feel the need of any lock mechanism with these.

It is a watch that can be worn by men and women both. If you are a stylish dude or babe, don’t hesitate to put this one on your wrist if you want all of them to go ‘all wow!’

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Via: Tokyoflash