Olympus Camera Cake

There are many different ways to approach a cake for a friend who is into photography. There is the option of taking their influential artist and show their work on the cake, or you can take that individual’s own pictures and put them on the cake. There is also the cost-efficient, easier solution of making a camera cake.

Camera cake

CAke close up

Even with this idea there are still many different ways of going at creating it. There is the option of making the cake into the shape of a camera and as well as the option of drawing it on with the icing. The baker of this particular cake decided to shape the cake into a camera on top of another cake stand.

cake side view

Natty doesn’t specify if the camera is made out of cake; she does go into a lot of detail about the base of the cake. It seems odd to do so because the most interesting part of the cake itself is the camera, but she does not talk about it. The only time the camera is mentioned is when she says she attached it to the rest of the cake. We run the risk, however, of the baker not being able to explain things in proper sentences – a flaw that is apparent throughout the entire internet.

Cake up

It would be nice to assume that the camera is also made up of cake, especially considering that more than half of the cake is taken up by the camera.  The white part of the cake, the part that the baker emphasizes, goes pretty much unnoticed next to the camera. Needless to say the cake looks great. It is defiantly one of those cakes that you don’t have the heart to cut because it is so aesthetically pleasing.


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