SOLARIS – Sun Shading System

In this generation, where everyone is concerned about going green and keeping our environment safe, here is another initiative that will give you great results in the long-run. We all are aware of solar energy and its effects, advantages, and so on. So, here is a product called SOLARIS, that uses solar energy to light up any place you want.

Jose Vicente shares with us this product on Behance Network; SOLARIS is made in the shape of a sun shading system, the kind of which we usually sit under a tree at a beach to relax ourselves. Those kinds of trees which are in a fantasy of every person to sit under and relax on a sunny day at the beach. You can install this sun shading system in any place, be a café, park, by the poolside, or any place you wish to, as long as it is a surrounding where it can receive sunlight, that will be converted into energy to light up the place where it’s installed at.

It can be installed at any place, and can be used for lighting up electronic devices such a laptops, cellphone chargers, and so on. The products target audiences are executives, students, and basically anyone who likes to sit and relax in open areas. SOLARIS can give you an opportunity to connect with yourself: and by that I mean, relaxing and meditating in the open air, doing your office work over the weekends at leisure, or holding outdoor meetings to motivate employees to work harder at their job. All this can be done by installing SOLARIS, as it will help you create a better society, better habits that are green and ecologically sustainable, and provide a great benefit to the society and environment in the long run.

Solaris has also entered many design competitions, and its unique concept and design has been appreciated by many. It was a finalist at the CIFIAL international design competition: “Feel the planet earth.” So, as a responsible citizen, if you have feelings for your planet, then do your part and think about installing these SOLARIS sun shading systems at your house, office, or any place.

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