Great Racing Experience: The Foldaway Instant Car Slot Set

We all love racing no doubt about it. Either it is in the form of computer/console games, watching races on TV, or just simply racing toy cars. The one I am talking about is a complete racing set, and a really good one at that.

You will have a great time playing this set so let me give you some details. This set contains a track, which can be folded and unfolded; it comes in folded form, and when you unfold, it makes a two-lane raceway. Another thing to note about this set, is that it requires no electricity, so you don’t have to worry about plugging with this set, as it comes with two-hand crank dynamos.

This set also contains race cars. Although they move through out the track in two separate lanes, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t equally challenging to both. In fact, the track is built in that fashion as to provide the same difficulty level to both players, and so that they can beat each other under neutral circumstances; no fighting over things like ‘I want this lane – I want that lane.’

folaway instant slot car set image 1

The track itself is praiseworthy as attention has been given to details. However, the most impressive thing about it still remains with the dynamos; not only do they allow you more mobility, but they also give you more command over your race car, enabling you to slow down when a turn comes or to accelerate when the pathway ahead is straight. The speed of your race car will depend on the speed of the hand-crank; the faster the hand-crank, the quicker will be your race car.

It’s also worth noting that the race cars included are of the same quality with those normally found in expensive sets. So, you get a pricy thing at a reasonable price.  The set also contains responsive contact brushes to maximize sensitivity. The tires are made from a special type of rubber in order to reduce friction, thereby allowing greater speeds with little force. If your brushes or tires get somehow used, there’s no need to worry as this comes with spares for both tires and brushes. Overall – a very good set to buy, and it is only $49.95.

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folaway instant slot car set image 2