Computer Case Mod Inspired by V8 Engine Reflects Power of Machine

Only a true geek knows the  amazing power of machines, processors, and speed of automobiles and computers. Only such a machine geek can project his love for engines, CPUs, and speed in a simple Computer Case Mod inspired by V8 engine. This computer case mod truly reflects the power of machines and CPUs – the real hearts and brains of any automobile and computer.

computer case mod v8 engine1

The entire computer case is an awesome mod of the V8 engine block and is highly deceptive. One can place two CPUs in this case and use them to enhance the performance of the computer. Be it a car or computer, what truly matters is the performance; and in a way, this case projects that power of performance.

computer case mod v8 engine2

Kudos to human geniuses who have conceived machines like V8 engine and computer, for one cannot imagine modern life without them. Such computer cases also show the creative streak of modern designers.

computer case mod v8 engine3

I am sure machine, automobile, and computer geeks will love this V8 inspired computer case mod. It is highly symbolic and compact.

computer case mod v8 engine4

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Via Winarco