Logitech Revue Launches Google TV in Your Living Room

Logitech’s “Google TV in a box” is designed to be a companion for your HDTV, not a TV itself. Revue is ready for the future, and with Google TV set to grow and expand on Google’s open platform, the Revue’s feature set intends to grow with it. 

An amazing feature of the Revue is its ease of use, especially the quick and easy setup. Simply connect your TV, cable or satellite set-top box, and your internet connection to the Revue, and you have Google TV. As long as your TV has an HDMI port, it has all the requirements for it.

Logitech boasts of the Revue’s ‘expandability’, which means the device has plenty of room to accessorize and grow through Google. From video cameras that let you share your TV watching experience to a smartphone app that gives you full control over your entire entertainment experience from your phone, it appears as though Logitech is right — the sky’s the limit for the Revue.

You also get an impressive selection of pre-installed apps created just for your TV, including Netflix, NBA.TV, and Pandora.

The Revue truly is Google TV in a box, and it comes with an intuitive companion keyboard controller.

The included keyboard lets you find your shows, surf the web, or turn up the volume. By combining a compact keyboard, a touchpad, and a remote in a sleek, living room-worthy design, Revue gives you full wireless control over all your entertainment without leaving the couch. Its slim design (4.8 inches deep by 0.94 inch thick by 13.17 inches wide) and light weight should make this super-controller feel comfortable in the living room, despite its desktop-friendly size.

Of course, the basic pitch for Google TV is the ability to search all of your TV content through a search bar similar to Google.com. The bar overlays whatever screen you’re on and combs through online video sources as well as live TV from your cable/satellite box to find content.

With Revue, Logitech’s goal is to serve Google TV through HDTVs everywhere, and its quality feature set and relatively good price at $299 should propel it to the forefront of Google TV providers.

You can pre-order the Revue and learn more about Logitech’s TV companion on Logitech.

via CNET